Message from the President 

The Civic Association Board members work hard to serve you better. We focus on a number of activities and issues that are important to the community.  We conducted a number of Community Outreach Program (COP) last year and are continuing this year as well. Some guest speakers lined up are Commissioners Scott Adams and Joe Meek, County Clerk of the Court Angela Vick; Commissioners John "JJ" Kenney and Rebecca Bays; James T Sanders, former Chairman of the Board for Sugarmill  Woods, Inc.; Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsy and Fire Chief Arry Moribito.  We also held workshops to discuss Water Conservation and provide helpful tips for lawn and landscape care.

Please visit the "Communications / Community Outreach Program" link in this web site for a list of scheduled and past COP meetings.  The Home Page also gives a brief snapshot of upcoming events and meetings.We send frequent reminders via the Sugarmill Woods Bulletins emailed to all of those residents who signed up for the free service.  If you are not on the distribution list for the Sugarmill Woods Bulletins and wish to be added, please send an email to 

We continue to be engaged with Citrus County Water Resources and the Board of County Commissioners on water related issues.  While there has been some progress to reduce Unaccounted For Water Loss, more work is required in this area.  We need everyone to comply with the Irrigation Restrictions so we can avoid fines for watering and avoid violating our SMW Water Usage Permit limits.  We were successful in working with the Board of County Commissioners and the Public Safety Initiative Task Force to convince the County that additional funding was required for Fire Rescue Services and in getting the Sugarmill Station reopened and staffed with career fire fighters.

We are continuing our Membership Drive.  If you have not already renewed your membership, consider joining the Sugarmill Woods Civic Association.  We need your support and your active involvement to help us address key issues and concerns affecting our community.  On behalf of the SMW Civic Association Board, we look forward to working with you and serving you throughout the year.

We want to hear from you to get your input on meeting subjects and speakers of interest as well as any issues and concerns that you might have so we can address them real time. You may contact me via email at  or via phone at 352-436-0245. Thank you for your continued support.


Philip Tanzer, President