Message from the President (September 15, 2023)

The Civic Association has a great working relationship with Sugarmill Woods Country Club.  We hold many of our events at both locations.  As a token of our appreciation and because we do use their facilities often we wanted to make sure they had AEDs available on site.  These AEDs will allow trained individuals to have access in the event of a medical emergency and possibly save a member's life.  The agreement with the country club was that we would purchase them and they would be responsible for training and insurance associated with them being used by their personnel.  SMWCA looks forward to a long and continued working relationship.  Here is a picture of what we donated.  

I addition, we also had the opportunity tomeet with FDOT about the Suncoast Parkway Extension noise and they have offered three solutions.  We will be holding a meeting very soon to discuss this with the community.  As soon as we can arrange a time and date when FDOT and the community can meet together we will publish that date.  We will then vote as a community on which offer we will accept.



James Pirotta 
President SMWCA



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