Due to Covid 19 restrictions, all community outreach programs are on hold.




Monday, January 13, 2020

Location: First United Methodist Church, Homosassa, FL

Directors Present: Nan O’Connor-Roys, Pat Krepps, Jackie Antonacci, Ken Steidel, Richard Anderson

Directors Absent:   Theresa Matos

Guest Speaker:       Ron Kitchen, Citrus County Commissioner

The meeting was called to order by Nan O’Connor-Roys at 7:00 p.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Pat Krepps certified that a quorum existed, per the Civic Association Bylaws.

Introduction of Officers: Nan O’Connor-Roys introduced the members of the Board: Richard Anderson, Pat Krepps, Jackie Antonacci, Ken Steidel, and Theresa Matos (absent).

Minutes:  Motion made to dispense with the reading of the minutes from last year’s annual meeting by Ed Schiller; second Jim Roys.  Motion approved. Motion made to approve the minutes of January 14, 2019 by Jan Schiller; second Bob Thompson. Motion approved. (The minutes of last year’s meeting were made available in hard copy to all attendees.)

Nomination/Election of Officers:   Nan O’Connor-Roys presented the names of Pat Krepps (incumbent), Nanci Chong (new) and Ed Gruber (new) into consideration and recommended that one vote be cast for each of the three.  A motion to this effect was made by David Davenport; second by Bob Carini.  Motion approved.  Both new members were then invited to join the rest of the Board at the table at the front of the room. Nan then encouraged all present to get involved and consider joining the Board in the future.

Treasurer’s Report:  In the absence of Theresa Matos, Ken Steidel reported that the Civic Association remains in good standing financially. Funds on deposit totaled $185,578.49 at year-end 12/31/2019.  This amount includes operating funds and reserves.  Net income for 2019 was $3,815.41, primarily as a result of revenue from advertising in the annual SMW Directory.  The tax returns will be filed this week. The projected budget for 2020 shows an increase of only about 1.2% over 2019.  Annual membership dues will remain at $15, which hasn’t increased in more than 20 years.  A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by Guy Zingaro; second Jose Sanchez.  Motion approved.

President’s Report: Nan O’Connor-Roys thanked the Board members for their service. She highlighted Theresa Matos’s service and her outstanding work for the Civic Association. Theresa has reached her term limit and is stepping down from the Board.  She will be sorely missed. Her hard work and dedication was a mainstay of the BOD for six years.

Nan highlighted the continuation of the Telephone Directory, a valuable resource for all our members and our community.  She also emphasized the Salute to Veterans night that was held by the Civic Association in November.  This “1st of its kind” event was a big success.  She reminded all that the Civic Association continued its financial support of the Oak Village Stub-out litigation, and supported the community with charitable contributions throughout the year.

Nan thanked Marie Steidel, Data Management Consultant for the Civic Association, for her outstanding, detailed, and eclectic work; and thanked Norm Wagy for his coverage of Civic Association events via the Greenbelt Gazette. Both of these individuals have continuously offered their support and expertise to the Board.

Nan closed her report by asking the members for suggestions for future Community Outreach Programs and reminded them that they can get involved with the Civic Association by contacting her. 

Committee Reports:

Membership:  Jackie Antonacci reported that there were 1,463 members in 2019.

Community Outreach Programs:  Richard Anderson reviewed the Community Outreach Programs presented this past year to include Water Conservation, Emergency Preparedness, YMCA, Alternatives to Cable, Hepatitis ABCs, Alzheimer’s and support organizations.

Charitable Giving:  Pat Krepps reviewed the Civic Association’s charitable giving during 2019: $300 to the Alzheimer’s Family Organization of Central Florida (Human Scent Kits), $300 to the Homosassa Public Library(audio equipment for adult learning) and $1,000 to the Female’s Veterans Network of Citrus County (monument construction).


Introduction of Guest Speaker:   Nan O’Connor-Roys introduced the guest speaker, Ron Kitchen, Citrus County Commissioner.

Speaker Presentation:  Ron Kitchen spoke about issues facing the County: emergency response, roads & transportation, and expected county growth. Initially, he gave an overview of the problems with Nature Coast EMS and its poor response time/quality. Ron then responded to questions from the audience on the following topics: EMS’ contract and its quality metrics, Swiftmud and the likelihood of a reduction in water rates, Beautification of Route 98 near Oak Village, Growth plans for Rt. 19 from Sugarmill Woods-southward, the pace of the construction on Rt. 19 and I589, the increase in convenience stores and fast food establishments near Publix, the plan for the grassy area at the intersection of Rts. 491 & 44.

President Nan O’Connor-Roys thanked Ron Kitchen for his presentation and willingness to participate in tonight’s meeting.


Nan O’Connor-Royrs reminded everyone that the next BOD meeting of the Civic Association will be Thursday, 1/16/2020 at 2:00p.m. All are encouraged to attend.  Nan then motioned to adjourn the meeting; second Bob Thompson. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pat Krepps